Recording Studio in Brazil



Recording Studio in Brazil

Recording Studio - Brazil
APLAUDY Recording is a recording studio located in BEBEDOURO -SÃO PAULO -BRAZIL. Professional Recording Studios and Professional Recording equipment for ARTISTS and Radio Advertisment Creation, Voice Overs and Dubbing Facilities, Commercial Radio and TV jingles...

For English language Contacts:
CELL PHONE / WHATSAPP NUMBER : 55+ 17 99121 1900
Telephone: 55+ 17 3343 5252

Recording Studio and Rehearsal Rooms. UnderGround Studios. Great rates and service. You can record, rehearse, perform and create... World-class equipment and a highly experienced team. A recording studio with everything you need to create your album. We have the recording studio you need. Whether you're a solo music producer, a full-scale rock band or even a string section... features a private recording booth where music can be produced, recorded, edited and saved. The studio is also a great place to record podcasts or ..

The studio specializes in analog and digital recording, mixing, mastering, post production for film and video, and voiceover and audiobook production.

APLAUDY STUDIOS is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective audio recordings and sound design for Sound Effect Design, Radio Advertisment Creation, Voice Overs and Dubbing Facilities, Recording Studio, Commercial Radio and TV jingles: Designed to meet the specific music needs of Ad agencies.

Theme Music and Soundtracks for TV Shows and Movies: Hold on and URA phone messages .. anywhere from Instrumental intros, loops.

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